November 30, 2016

Rick Workman Announces Run for Mayor of Henderson, Nevada

HENDERSON, NEV. — On November 30, 2016, Rick Workman announced that he will run for Mayor of Henderson. He is a retired Nuclear Weapons Inspector, Stealth Fighter Maintenance Commander, and a current Forensic Laboratory Director.

Primary Goal

The City of Henderson needs to build a new forensic lab to prevent and solve rapes, reduce DUI victims, and decrease overall crime and its related costs to the entire community.

In 2007, Anthony Zuiker (creator of the CSI TV series) pledged one million dollars to my private fundraising effort to build a lab. However, I was forced to return donations for the following reason:

In response to a U.S. Senate funded study by the National Academy of Sciences, the Las Vegas Sun contacted me for my opinion on the study as a local forensic science expert. City officials placed me on administrative leave for speaking to the reporter about contextual bias in forensic labs. Subsequently, the city council deleted my job classification as Criminalistics Administrator. I had to cease efforts to build a lab and return the donations as a condition of my continued employment under a different classification.

Henderson could have had a laboratory by now, preventing unnecessary victims of crime. I realized a change of leadership was required for Henderson to get the lab it needs – so I am running for mayor.

Immediate Goals

City management will be directed to work with line-level employees to improve the work environment. They will help identify administrators who hold unnecessary positions, are ineffective, wasteful, or promote a culture of fear, and consequently there will be opportunities for the most qualified employees to advance. This cultural improvement will increase efficiency, accountability, and enhance city services for the citizens of Henderson.

I will seek to release restrictions that have effectively bought the silence of employees who signed the Voluntary Employee Severance Program (VESP) agreement. They will be able to speak with the media on matters that Henderson citizens should be aware of.

# # #

Provided by the Committee to Elect Rick Workman