Stop Property Tax Increases

Stop City Council's support to remove annual property tax increase caps and subsequently increasing property taxes. The local 3% annual property tax increase cap was removed from the City Charter, now the council supports removing caps in Nevada law. Squandering tax dollars while considering tax increases on residents and small businesses is an injustice to our community.
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Increase Community Safety

Henderson has seen a rise in burglary, home invasion, robbery, and other crimes. Nevada was at or near the worst states in the nation in most crime types per capita, reported in the last FBI report as follows: robbery #1, violent crime #2, burglary #3, vehicle theft #4, rape #7 and murder #9. Rick has experience solving and preventing crime and, as Mayor, will promote needed changes to help make us safer.
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Stop the "Henderson Strong" high density housing, urban plan

Link to High Density Urban Center illustration

Urban development, high density housing. The January 2017 Henderson Strong Comprehensive Plan shows eight planned Urban Centers in the city. We have limited funds for public safety now. Who is going to pay for the infrastructure, police, fire, etc. when residents will be packed and stacked in the urban centers? Hint: Taxes
HUD info: SNS Regional Plan Exec. Summary, 1/2015, pp iii,1,6    Image:ralph-bunche-cooperative-homes

Stop the Cronyism and the Squander of Tax Dollars by Hiring Consultants That Are Not Necessary

We’re paying City employees to do a job. Let them do it. We must not pay "consultants" to do jobs that other well-trained, skilled, and experienced City employees can and should do. Many employees struggle with shortages of manpower, while some others are in well-paying, but non-productive positions.. As mayor, Rick will search out, identify and stop sources of and wasteful spending. Image source: iStock

Remove funding for employee positions that are merely "informative" and not productive

Project managers, business analysts, and productivity "experts" are a few potential examples. Exceptions should be infrequent. The responsibility for root cause analysis and continuous process improvement must fall on the supervisors, managers, and directors in their own areas where they should be the subject matter experts.
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Increase transparency and communications when property zoning changes are considered        (click to follow link)

Neighborhood master plans and subsequent changes must be carefully and openly developed, implemented, and maintained. The qualiy of life and amenities that sustain economic stability and growth must not be pushed aside for competing developments that negatively impact residents, businesses, and the local economy. A truly open and transparent government provides timely, relative, detailed, and accurate information; and accepts constructive feedback.
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Increase efforts to keep our communities safe

This area and a related area above will be updated to include news of a major project that will directly support and enhance our communities' safety throughout southern Nevada.

Provide public support for efforts to build a new forensic lab as a public-private partnership

The City Council accepted $170,000 in private funds (2014 and 2015) raised by a volunteer citizen organization led by Rick Workman. Henderson spent the funds on a third-party needs assessment, cost and space determination analysis, and preliminary designs; but the elected officials seemed have let a critical forensic laboratory slip off their radar. Hopefully the DNA analysis for Rape Kits and other crimes, and other critical needs to solve and prevent crime, won't get in the way of their other important tasks.


Vote at ANY of the following 9 Vote Centers on Election Day, April 4, 2017
All voting locations are scheduled to be open from 7 am to 7 pm

Black Mountain Recreation Center

599 Greenway Road

(Greenway Rd and Horizon Dr)

Galleria at Sunset
Lower Level - Kohl's Court

1300 W. Sunset Road

(W. Sunset and N.Stephanie St)

Green Valley Library

2797 N. Green Valley Parkway

(N. Green Valley Pkwy and E. Sunset Rd)

Henderson City Hall
Office of the City Clerk - 1st Floor

240 S. Water Street

(Water St and Basic Rd)

Henderson Multigenerational Center

250 S. Green Valley Parkway

(Green Valley Pkwy and Paseo Verde Pkwy)

Heritage Park Senior Facility

300 S. Racetrack Road

(Racetrack Rd and Burkholder Blvd)

Silver Springs Recreation Center

1951 Silver Springs Parkway

(Between GV Pkwy and Vale Verde Dr)

Sun City Anthem Center

2450 Hampton Road

(Hampton Rd and Anthem Pkwy)

Sun City MacDonald Ranch

2020 W. Horizon Ridge Parkway

(W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy, East of GV Pkwy)